That morning we lost the Oyster cards and the hotel

3 February, 2015

It is a cold – no, scratch that – a freezing February morning and Mamma and I are in London for a few days.  We’ve booked a bus trip to Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath for the day, so we’ve woken early and had a quick breakfast, leaving plenty of time to walk to the meeting point for the tour.  Mamma had Googled the location, worked out the streets, and we were set to go!

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When Illness comes to Rome

Mid February, 2015

More than a week into our trip, and I was still feeling ill from the “flu” I had caught soon after we had arrived in England.  During  our last weekend in peaceful Gumley, my health deteriorated a little and I slept quite a bit, but none of us had really thought much of it until we were preparing to leave for Italy and I started to feel quite sick!  By this stage, it was a Sunday and finding a doctor would be difficult, so we resulted to Sudafed, Ibuprofen, steaming and copious amounts of tea in an attempt to force me into optimal health.

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