Musings on the Piazza

There is nothing comparable to walking through the piazza markets on a Sunday morning, with the elderly milling about in their clean and pressed church clothes, vendors shouting out to passing friends and simultaneously exchanging insults and greetings, youth gathering around the corners on bicycles and iPhones.  The aroma of fresh bread, of salami and cheeses and Sicilian pastry; the complete and perfect olfactory imagery of a weekend market morning, infused with the scent of fresh espresso emanating from the surrounding bars.

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Gelato by the Pantheon

12 July, 2015

I think it pertinent that we all appreciate that there is a place in the world which sells one hundred and fifty different flavours of gelato.  I kid you not.  One hundred and fifty different flavours.  Of delicious and smooth Italian gelato.  It is called Della Palma, is situated near the Pantheon in Rome, and is a haven for any gelato connoisseur.

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Did someone say “chocolate market”?

February 27 – 29, 2015

I love chocolate.  Seriously.  Chocolate and I have a very intimate and loving relationship.  We are on extremely good terms, evidenced by the fact that chocolate has a wonderful tendency to rapidly disappear every time it is in my vicinity.

So what was my reaction when I found out that there was a chocolate market in our very own Piazza della Vittoria, in the centre of our study town, Pavia?  Well, I freaked out.  Naturally.

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