Visiting George Clooney a.k.a. at Lake Como for a Day

19 June, 2015

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Lake Como is absolutely beautiful.  Whatever the season, whatever the time, however long you are there, there is no denying the overarching, unmistakable fact: it’s pretty good-looking!  (A fact which is heightened by the knowledge that yes, oh my God, George Clooney has a house there and he and his elegant wife have therefore boosted the gorgeous-ness of the entire Como population).

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The time that it ‘snowed’ in spring

Imagine waking up on a lovely spring morning in northern Italy.  Light floods into your college room, brightening your bookcase, the wall, your desk.  The sun filters through and caresses your cheek as you lie in bed, gently prodding you awake.  You sit up slowly, preparing yourself for a new day ahead.  And then you look across to the window and find that the morning sunlight is not in fact filtering through the clear glass as it usually does, but is squeezing past a thick layer of fluff.

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