La Sagrada Família

One of the most stunning architectural pieces to ever be conceptualised, there was no doubt in my mind that I would need to dedicate a blog post to la Sagrada Família.  Arguably Gaudí’s most famous structure, and all the more famous in its unfinished state, the basilica is nothing short of breathtaking.

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4 – 5 July, 2015

After my mildly traumatic introduction to Barcelona (for those who missed it, see the following:, I began to properly explore the city and very promptly fell in love.  It is not only for our Australian tendency to truncate words that the city has so fondly been dubbed “Barca” by many Aussie travellers.  It’s more than just a nickname – it conveys a sense of intimacy, of affection, of love for a city that is loud and crazy and overwhelming.

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Hola Barcelona!

4 July, 2015

I was in Barcelona for two days.  Hardly long enough to see everything, and no where near long enough to really know the city.  But I fell in love with it.  I fell in love with Barcelona’s grand and vibrant architecture, with the music which floated in the air of open squares, with the humidity and the chaos and the young men and peddlers who shouted out as I passed.  I fell in love with it all.

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A Morning Exploring the Vatican

13 July, 2015

A trip to Rome would not be complete without a tour around the riches and relics of the Vatican.  Once you get through the heavily intense security, you step into a secluded and peaceful state, and you come to realise that the whole complex is a massive and thriving museum which – somewhere amongst all those buildings and corridors and rooms and doors – just so happens to also house the Pope.

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Pisa Pit Stop

11 July, 2015

As you can image, Pisa is a pretty cool place.  It has a leaning tower, which effectively epitomises the worst of Italian engineering BUT does lead to really cool photos!

On the way from Switzerland to Florence, we were able to stop briefly at Pisa.  And by that, I mean that we had exactly forty minutes to quickly explore the famous piazza of the grand Piazza dei Miracoli (i.e. the place where all the famous photos are taken).  Continue reading

Gelato by the Pantheon

12 July, 2015

I think it pertinent that we all appreciate that there is a place in the world which sells one hundred and fifty different flavours of gelato.  I kid you not.  One hundred and fifty different flavours.  Of delicious and smooth Italian gelato.  It is called Della Palma, is situated near the Pantheon in Rome, and is a haven for any gelato connoisseur.

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