reflection #4

On Expo Milano 2015:

Train ticket to Rho Fiera Expo Milano site:  4,80 €

Entry to Expo Milano 2015:  10,00 €

Cost of food during the day:  16,00 €

Being the lucky last person to score a place in the exclusive (and free!) Chilean wine tasting event:  priceless



Venice Part 1: Arrival

1 June, 2015

After a long-ish train ride from Pavia to Venice, including a stop at Milan to switch trains, Anna (the best Danish college buddy / big sis ever) and I found ourselves nearing, then crossing, the water.  I pushed my thick set of notes (I had been studying for exams) aside like a child, suddenly excited, and picked up my camera to hastily snap a few blurry shots as we traversed the deep blue and headed into the heart of bella Venezia.

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When Illness comes to Rome

Mid February, 2015

More than a week into our trip, and I was still feeling ill from the “flu” I had caught soon after we had arrived in England.  During  our last weekend in peaceful Gumley, my health deteriorated a little and I slept quite a bit, but none of us had really thought much of it until we were preparing to leave for Italy and I started to feel quite sick!  By this stage, it was a Sunday and finding a doctor would be difficult, so we resulted to Sudafed, Ibuprofen, steaming and copious amounts of tea in an attempt to force me into optimal health.

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reflection #1

Extract from my notebook: 12 April, 2015

Sometimes I seriously think that I could stay here in Italy.

Then I remember all the times that I have already narrowly escaped being hit by a car or swiped by a bus (while standing on the footpath).  And waiting at the post office with Anna for 40 minutes to send a package to Denmark, even though we were the only ones there and there were two staff on their mobiles.  And  then there is the fact that my university marks and, by extension, my future prospects are chosen at the discretion of each professor, rather than the fulfilment of any predetermined and publicised criteria.

Then I miss Australia!