That morning we lost the Oyster cards and the hotel

3 February, 2015

It is a cold – no, scratch that – a freezing February morning and Mamma and I are in London for a few days.  We’ve booked a bus trip to Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath for the day, so we’ve woken early and had a quick breakfast, leaving plenty of time to walk to the meeting point for the tour.  Mamma had Googled the location, worked out the streets, and we were set to go!

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Pisa Pit Stop

11 July, 2015

As you can image, Pisa is a pretty cool place.  It has a leaning tower, which effectively epitomises the worst of Italian engineering BUT does lead to really cool photos!

On the way from Switzerland to Florence, we were able to stop briefly at Pisa.  And by that, I mean that we had exactly forty minutes to quickly explore the famous piazza of the grand Piazza dei Miracoli (i.e. the place where all the famous photos are taken).  Continue reading

Return to Sorbo

30 June – 1 July, 2015

There is something fascinating about returning to the birthplace of my grandparents.  And not only that – it’s a sense that the journey is almost spiritual, that I am stepping backwards in a way, stealing a glance at something surreal and otherworldly.


entering the village

So travelling to the tiny village of Sorbo, nestled under the breathtakingly beautiful mountains of Abruzzo, gives me the sense not of a weekend away, but of a journey of sorts.  A journey in which I am returning to something which isn’t truly mine but which I can never disconnect myself from, because it runs in my veins.  Continue reading