Quick guide to exams in Italy

Each country has their own unique education system, and this can be incredibly confronting/fascinating/exciting for exchange students.  While it can often be quite difficult to switch between systems and culturally-specific educational customs, it does make for very interesting experiences and great stories!

If you are thinking of going on exchange in Italy, here are some handy tips to prepare you for your exams!

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One for the girls

Okay, here we go.  This is a blog post that I never thought that I would be writing.  To be honest, it concerns an issue which I never imagined that I would have.  Moving overseas for six months, I was prepared to run into trouble in admin offices, at university, perhaps at train stations/bus stops.

Never, ever, did I think I would be absolutely rooted-to-the-spot stuck in the female sanitary aisle of the supermarket.

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