The essential Italian beach experience

As we came into the Sydney summer season, I had prepared myself for beach sessions and had been long anticipating glorious days under a sweltering sun stretched out on a sarong, lazing on beautiful white-sanded Australian beaches.  So this then led me to ponder the last summer which I spent in Italy.  Specifically, it led me to ponder the Italian beach experience.

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EXPO Round 2 + Awesome Road Trip !

26 June, 2015

So one of the perks of being in Italy for an extended period of time was the opportunity I had to be with my maternal family.  When the university semester had ended and it was time for me to move back down to Rome to stay with my family, two of my uncles (precisely, my mother’s cousin and their uncle) decided that they would come to Pavia to pick me up and help me to move out of college.

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EXPO Milano

24 June, 2015

It just so happened that while I was studying in Pavia, the EXPO came to Milan and with discounted student tickets up for grabs, I couldn’t resist!  So I jumped on a train with an exchange friend from Germany, then waited in line for an hour in the sweltering sun, then we arrived at security and then – finally – we were through!

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Return to Sorbo

30 June – 1 July, 2015

There is something fascinating about returning to the birthplace of my grandparents.  And not only that – it’s a sense that the journey is almost spiritual, that I am stepping backwards in a way, stealing a glance at something surreal and otherworldly.


entering the village

So travelling to the tiny village of Sorbo, nestled under the breathtakingly beautiful mountains of Abruzzo, gives me the sense not of a weekend away, but of a journey of sorts.  A journey in which I am returning to something which isn’t truly mine but which I can never disconnect myself from, because it runs in my veins.  Continue reading

reflection #6

That beautiful moment when, in your final week in Italy and after a long morning of traversing Rome in 40-degree heat, you stumble upon your favourite coffee … IN GELATO FORM!

Could this be heavenly intervention on a sweltering summer’s day?  I think so.

small tub of deliciously caffeinated goodness "with all the flavour of REAL ESPRESSO COFFEE"

small tub of deliciously caffeinated goodness
“with all the flavour of REAL ESPRESSO COFFEE”

reflection #5

On eating lunch

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a freshly grilled panino alla salsiccia can never taste as good as a freshly grilled panino alla salsiccia eaten whilst overlooking Florence and enjoying the beginnings of the summer sun gently kissing your shoulders.