And I’m going back …

Yes.  I am hereby announcing it to the world.  Europe, I am coming!

This crazy gal, her wanderlust fed by adventurous family holidays and life-changing northern Italian exchanges, is going back to the land of gelato, sexy accents and rich history (i.e. Italy).  And not only!

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Hawaiian Road Trips, by the Walker family

My father loves to drive.  This is a statement which should not be taken lightly.  I don’t mean it in a crazy/fast driver sorta way, but he genuinely likes driving.  So one of the things he enjoys when we are holiday is driving around the area.  When I’m on holiday, I personally prefer to chill in the backseat and take in the sights, so I don’t really get it – but hey, this does mean that my father’s knack for taking the wheel is quite relaxing and convenient for the rest of us.

A couple times now, we have driven around Oahu, one of the most popular of the Hawaiian Islands.  Hence, we have accumulated a bit of knowledge/experience and some fun tips for other road-tripping families.  So here are some of our top suggestions, brought to you by the Walker family!

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