Exchange, two years on

Today marks two years from the day that I left Sydney to embark upon the most challenging, heartwarming and definitive six months of my life.  Two years ago, I packed my things and moved to the other side of the world for half a year, and it was on my first day in college, terrified and tired and my face tear-stained, that I met Anna.

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Hola Barcelona!

4 July, 2015

I was in Barcelona for two days.  Hardly long enough to see everything, and no where near long enough to really know the city.  But I fell in love with it.  I fell in love with Barcelona’s grand and vibrant architecture, with the music which floated in the air of open squares, with the humidity and the chaos and the young men and peddlers who shouted out as I passed.  I fell in love with it all.

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The kitchen: the college edition

Shared kitchens in college are synonymous with a few things – untidiness, clutter, lack of space, unsatisfactory/broken utensils (I used a frying pan without a handle for about a month – enough said).

But one thing about shared college kitchens is that, inevitably, at some point in the semester, there will be some ~drama~ and everyone will enjoy watching it play out for a while until it gets incredibly infuriating.

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Quick guide to exams in Italy

Each country has their own unique education system, and this can be incredibly confronting/fascinating/exciting for exchange students.  While it can often be quite difficult to switch between systems and culturally-specific educational customs, it does make for very interesting experiences and great stories!

If you are thinking of going on exchange in Italy, here are some handy tips to prepare you for your exams!

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