The kitchen: the college edition

Shared kitchens in college are synonymous with a few things – untidiness, clutter, lack of space, unsatisfactory/broken utensils (I used a frying pan without a handle for about a month – enough said).

But one thing about shared college kitchens is that, inevitably, at some point in the semester, there will be some ~drama~ and everyone will enjoy watching it play out for a while until it gets incredibly infuriating.

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A Morning Exploring the Vatican

13 July, 2015

A trip to Rome would not be complete without a tour around the riches and relics of the Vatican.  Once you get through the heavily intense security, you step into a secluded and peaceful state, and you come to realise that the whole complex is a massive and thriving museum which – somewhere amongst all those buildings and corridors and rooms and doors – just so happens to also house the Pope.

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Quick guide to exams in Italy

Each country has their own unique education system, and this can be incredibly confronting/fascinating/exciting for exchange students.  While it can often be quite difficult to switch between systems and culturally-specific educational customs, it does make for very interesting experiences and great stories!

If you are thinking of going on exchange in Italy, here are some handy tips to prepare you for your exams!

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